Tracking the Explosive World of Generative AI


Paralyzed Man Walks Again Thanks to AI-Powered System

May 25, 2023

In a medical milestone, a man paralyzed for 12 years is now walking - all thanks to a groundbreaking AI system converting brain signals into muscle movement.


Novel QLoRA Approach Unlocks AI Fine-Tuning on Consumer GPUs

May 24, 2023

Researchers have unveiled QLoRA, a novel and highly efficient 4-bit method for fine-tuning AI models that is able to run on single professional and consumer GPUs. This dramatic increase in efficiency opens up new pathways for AI development at low cost.


Meta AI Unleashes Megabyte, a Revolutionary Scalable Model Architecture

May 23, 2023

Meta's research team unveils an innovative AI model architecture, capable of generating more than 1 million tokens across multiple formats and exceeding the capabilities of the existing Transformer architecture behind models like GPT-4.


Google’s New Medical AI Passes Medical Exam and Outperforms Actual Doctors

May 18, 2023

A medical domain AI developed by Google Researchers broke records on its ability to pass medical exam questions, but more surprisingly generated answers that were consistently rated as better than human doctors. While the study notes several caveats, it marks a significant milestone in how AI could upend a number of professions.


Key Takeaways from OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's Senate Testimony

May 16, 2023

In a three-hour Senate hearing, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman called for the regulation of AI, the formation of a government body to license AI models, and addressed a number of questions from lawmakers on the dangers posed by AI systems.


OpenAI Readies Open-Source Model as Competition Intensifies

May 15, 2023

OpenAI is reportedly preparing a new open-source language model, a critical move reflecting the mounting pressure from burgeoning rival AI models.


ChatGPT Trading Algorithm Delivers 500% Returns in Stock Market

May 10, 2023

A University of Florida study reveals ChatGPT's prowess in predicting stock trends, achieving a staggering 500% return in one investing model and outpacing conventional sentiment analysis models used by hedge funds.


Leaked Google Memo Claiming “We Have No Moat, and Neither Does OpenAI” Shakes the AI World

May 05, 2023

A leaked Google memo ignites debate as it claims open-source AI could outpace tech giants' proprietary models, raising concerns about OpenAI and Google’s future as they develop closed AI models.


OpenAI Suffers $540M Loss in 2022, Contemplates $100B More to Conquer AI

May 04, 2023

As the AI race heats up, OpenAI may need as much as $100 billion to reach its goal of developing artificial general intelligence, highlighting the steep financial challenges other AI startups may encounter in a rapidly developing market.


Chegg’s Stock Tumble Serves as Wake Up Call on the Perils of AI

May 03, 2023

Even after announcing its own AI product, Chegg’s nearly 50% stock drop in a single day shows that companies adapting to the rapidly shifting AI landscape face treacherous waters as they fight to stay innovative and relevant.