Tracking the Explosive World of Generative AI


Leading AI Language Models Fall Short of Upcoming EU Regulations, Stanford Study Warns

June 22, 2023

The world's leading AI language models could fail to meet the EU's new AI Act, facing significant regulatory risks and potential heavy fines. In particular, open-source models could face downstream regulatory risk from their deployment.


AI and Media Titans Quietly Hash Out Future of Content Licensing

June 16, 2023

The world's AI giants and media moguls are secretly hashing out a landmark deal that could see media companies paid for the use of their content in training AI models.


Meta's Plan to Offer Free Commercial AI Models Puts Pressure on Google and OpenAI

June 15, 2023

Meta's latest strategy to offer its AI models for free commercial use turns up the heat on OpenAI and Google and their closed-source AI business model.


In Largest-Ever Turing Test, 1.5 Million Humans Guess Little Better Than Chance

June 09, 2023

In the largest-ever Turing-style test, 1.5 million human users tried to discern the latest AI chatbots from actual human conversations. The surprising outcome? Their guesswork was barely better than chance.


Google’s DeepMind AI Shatters Records with a 70% Faster Sorting Algorithm

June 08, 2023

Google’s DeepMind AI, in a groundbreaking feat, developed a sorting algorithm that's 70% faster than the current best in C++, promising to redefine notions of computational efficiency.


Generative AI Spend Set to Hit $1.3 Trillion by 2032, Bloomberg Estimates

June 02, 2023

Driven by AI pioneers like ChatGPT, the generative AI market is set to explode from $67 billion to an unprecedented $1.3 trillion per year by 2032, reshaping global tech spending over the next decade.


High-Profile AI Leaders Warn of “Risk of Extinction” from AI

May 30, 2023

Leading AI scientists and industry leaders warn of AI as a 'societal-level' risk, calling for global action alongside other existential threats like pandemics and nuclear war.


Paralyzed Man Walks Again Thanks to AI-Powered System

May 25, 2023

In a medical milestone, a man paralyzed for 12 years is now walking - all thanks to a groundbreaking AI system converting brain signals into muscle movement.


Novel QLoRA Approach Unlocks AI Fine-Tuning on Consumer GPUs

May 24, 2023

Researchers have unveiled QLoRA, a novel and highly efficient 4-bit method for fine-tuning AI models that is able to run on single professional and consumer GPUs. This dramatic increase in efficiency opens up new pathways for AI development at low cost.


Meta AI Unleashes Megabyte, a Revolutionary Scalable Model Architecture

May 23, 2023

Meta's research team unveils an innovative AI model architecture, capable of generating more than 1 million tokens across multiple formats and exceeding the capabilities of the existing Transformer architecture behind models like GPT-4.